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Learn From Others

Dec 16, 2019

Teru's strong work ethic came from her mother who grew up in war ravaged Osaka after World War II. Her drive to perform at a high level showed during her first job as she stuffed publicity posters into cardboard tubes and made sure the labels were perfectly placed. Today, Teru is an Education Entrepreneur and Author of World Class: One Mother's Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children. She has shared her insights on education and globalization on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS, The TODAY Show, CBS This Morning, CNBC’s Squawk Box, and Channel NewsAsia. Learn more about her career journey on the Learn From Others podcast.

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About Learn From Others
Learn from Others is an educational podcast for students that highlights diverse career paths across the 16 career clusters identified by the United States Department of Education. Greg Stanley is the host and he interviews successful individuals about their careers, personal development, overcoming obstacles and even failures. This career podcast is one students can explore different career paths and learn from others so they can succeed.