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Learn From Others

Mar 26, 2019

Blake's vacation photos were so well received folks asked him to share his process which led to a YouTube channel that turned into eBooks which turned into online courses which became an online Photography academy! Follow his amazing career journey on LFO!

Mar 19, 2019

Julie became an accidental entrepreneur when she realized she had something of value that would benefit others. She created the Braver Writer to teach students how to find and hone their writing voice. Her business has expanded to over 50 employees since it started at her kitchen table over 20 years ago. Learn more...

Mar 12, 2019

Scott Keene learned how that selling wasn't as much as pitching a product as providing solutions that helped his customers. Learn how he went from wanting to be Evel Knievel to a machine shop to a dental practice on LFO!

Mar 7, 2019

Leigh Dow's experience working for a US Senator right after college exposed her how people impact and influence the decisions that are made in the political arena. Learn how this insight helped her launch her own Marketing and PR Agency on LFO!

Mar 6, 2019

Bonus Wednesday! Tom Ross, CEO of DesignCuts, shares how to build a social community online by providing disproportionate value to his customers. Learn about his two pillar approach and the impact engaging one person at a time can have on a social community.