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Learn From Others

Dec 30, 2019

Benjamin's dream was to be an astronaut and he was well on his way until he was told that he was too tall. He then pursued a new career path and discovered a passion for IT security. Looking back, Benjamin has many things he would do differently and he provides practical advice for today's IT students on the Learn From Others podcast.

This interviewed occurred at the HealthFORCE Expo. This annual event focuses on the next generation of Health Care Professionals in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Over 300 students discovered and explored pathways to the region’s most in-demand healthcare professions. You can learn more at :

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Learn from Others is an educational podcast for students that highlights diverse career paths across the 16 career clusters identified by the United States Department of Education. Greg Stanley is the host and he interviews successful individuals about their careers, personal development, overcoming obstacles and even failures. This career podcast is one students can explore different career paths and learn from others so they can succeed.